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(AS) Mid to Late 14th Long COP

  • 65G Steel Hardened to Rc37: 0.8mm and some 1.0mm
  • Height measurements are from the bottom of the neck opening to the bottom edge in the front.
  • Size: 2XL Weight: 8.2kg Height: 68cm Chest: 120cm
  • Size: 3XL Weight: 9.1kg Height: 71cm Chest: 135cm
  • Size: 4XL Weight: 9.5kg Height: 74cm Chest: 150cm
  • Made in Russia by ArmourShop

$559.00 $479.00 On Sale!
(MU) Early to Mid 14th Century Style Scale Gauntlets

  • Polished 1.0mm 30HGSA Alloy Steel Hardened to Rc43
  • Size: 21cm circumference x 19cm long hand Weight: 1.7kg
  • Size: 23cm circumference x 20cm long hand Weight: ?.?kg
  • Size: 25cm circumference x 21cm long hand Weight: ?.?kg
  • Made in Ukraine by Master Uley

$375.00 $295.00 On Sale!
(AWD) Rondel

  • 1 .0mm 65G steel Hardened to Rc37
  • 12cm Outer Diameter 
  • Made in Ukraine by Armor Workshop Dobrynya

$8.00 $5.00 On Sale!
(AWD) Mid to Late 14th Century Style Nasal Bascinet

  • 30HGSA Steel Hardened to Rc43
  • 3.0mm helmet, 0.8mm neck plates
  • Riveted aventail & Padded comfort liner
  • Size: 59cm-60cm circumference head Weight: 8.6kg
  • Made in Ukraine by Armor Workshop Dobrynya

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST add addition modern padding and adjust the chin strap BEFORE using this helmet.

$875.00 $799.00 On Sale!
(AWD) Floating Shoulder Cops

  • Polished 30HGSA Steel Hardened to Rc43: 1.2mm
  • Size: Length 22cm x Width 22cm Weight: 1.2kg
  • Size: Length 25cm x Width 25cm Weight: 1.5kg
  • Made in Ukraine by Armor Workshop Dobrynya

$119.00 $99.00 On Sale!

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